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Tragically, however, children from low-resource countries often do not have access to the care and treatment they need to survive cancer.

Our mission is to redress this inequality by creating sustainable and locally supported pediatric and adolescent cancer health care systems in low-resource countries that meet recognized international standards of clinical, palliative and supportive care.

To promote access to care, we collaborate with national governments and partner with major hospitals academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations to train local health professionals to recognize pediatric cancers early, diagnose them accurately, and treat them effectively and compassionately using affordable drugs, appropriate treatment regimens, and proper palliation.

Since 2012, Aslan’s primary focus has been the development of Ethiopia’s first comprehensive pediatric cancer programs, first at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital in Addis Ababa and then at Jimma University Medical Center in Jimma.

Now working in collaboration with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health to expand access to care throughout the country, Aslan and our initiatives – designed and implemented by global experts in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of children with cancer – seek to demonstrate that pediatric cancers can be treated and cured in low-resource settings just as they are in more prosperous countries.

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