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Pediatric Cancer Program at Jimma University Medical Center

As at TASH, our JUMC partnership has resulted in milestone achievements, including:

  • Completion of a second two-year fellowship program in pediatric hematology-oncology, with graduates now leading the pediatric oncology programs at JUMC and Gertrude's Children's Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Hosting of Ethiopia’s first workshop on childhood cancer together with the Federal Ministry of Health and global actors such as the World Health Organization, the International Society of Pediatric Oncology, and Childhood Cancer International.

  • The opening of Ethiopia’s second pediatric oncology unit, which has maintained capacity exceeding 90% and treated more than 300 children from August 2016-July 2019.

  • Extensive additional training in pediatric oncology nursing at the renowned Indus Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan and in oncology pharmacy at the Children Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt.

  • The introduction of a data collection and management program and cancer registry.


Looking forward, Aslan is excited to begin in 2019 a collaboration with Tel Aviv Sourasky’s “Dana” Children’s Hospital to provide expert ongoing support for the JUMC pediatric oncology program.  Under the leadership of Aslan Medical Board member Dr. Amit Dotan, this collaboration will include the provision of clinical rotations, speciality training, and mentorship for JUMC pediatric oncology health professionals.

In February 2015, Aslan partnered with Jimma University in southwestern Ethiopia to launch our second pediatric cancer program within the country. The program is sited at Jimma University Medical Center (JUMC), a newly constructed, modern university hospital serving a catchment area of 15 million people.


As no health professionals at JUMC had ever before diagnosed or treated a child with cancer, our efforts focused initially on capacity building, emphasizing the education of pathologists, nurses, and pharmacists. Following the LMIC/LIC global health development model recommended by the US Institute of Medicine and other leaders, we partnered with world-class institutions and educators from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Cameroon, and South Africa as well as the United States, Canada, and Europe to provide intensive specialty training both onsite and abroad.

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